Sandbag is a UK based not-for-profit organisation campaigning for environmentally and economically effective climate policies, with a focus on the EU Emissions Trading System (ETS).
Our campaigns are supported by in-house research that monitors the environmental robustness of the ETS, the distribution of allowances, and how key sectors, installations and companies in the scheme are affected.
Through small changes in carbon markets, both in Europe and across the world, billions of tonnes of carbon dioxide can be prevented from entering the atmosphere; with our analysis and lobbying, we can make sure that’s what happens.
Join us in calling for tighter caps on emissions and/or take direct action to cancel carbon permits now.
Global Campaigns: One Giant Leap 2009

The December UN conference in Copenhagen, saw the conclusion of our 2009 One Giant Leap campaign for clean electricity.

Copenhagen was expected to deliver a new climate deal to succeed and expand upon the existing Kyoto Protocol which expires in 2012. With electricity representing nearly a third of man-made CO2, we sought to instate a carbon budget in that deal which would cover the power emissions from the most polluting countries in that sector.

With help from Parkour Generations, Sandbag called on the support of the global parkour community to galvanize the public and politicians in support of our campaign. On Saturday September 26th 3,688 parkour athletes staged events in 127 cities across 35 countries around the world, making this the largest event in the history of the sport (see our event map below).

Our hub event in London was attended by the UK energy minister, Ed Miliband, and covered by Associated Press, Xinhua News Agency and The Guardian amongst others. Many events around the world successfully attracted press and broadcast media, including excellent TV coverage in Poland and in Spain.

In November, local Barcelona athletes converged on the Fira Gran Via convention centre to help promote our campaign and the draft legal text we had produced for delegates. It was here at Barcelona that the expectation of reaching a deal by Copenhagen first began to be seriously doubted.

At the Copenhagen conference itself, Sandbag pooled its One Giant Leap signatories with petitions from other climate NGOs from around the world gathered under the TckTckTck coalition. Together we presented UNFCCC Executive Secretary Yvo de Boer and Conference President Connie Hedegaard with over 10 million petitions calling for a Fair, Ambitious and Binding deal. Anticipating such a deal might not be reached in Copenhagen, Sandbag arranged a separate handover of our campaign petitions to Environment Minister of Mexico, Juan Rafael Elvira. Mexico will preside over the annual Climate Conference when it convenes in November 2010 and our campaign will hopefully be front of mind as they prepare for their new role.

In the wake of One Giant Leap, Sandbag will continue to push for tough international action on climate change, starting immediately with our EU: Not Done Yet! campaign, pushing Europe to take on more ambitious climate change targets for the Copenhagen Accord.

Please continue to follow and support our actions and campaigns.

Power First!

An effective deal at Copenhagen needs us to focus on the big fixes first. The power sector is the biggest, easiest and most important of all of carbon emitting sectors to address. It can tackle climate change in one giant leap!

Biggest. Nearly one third of our global carbon emissions come from generating power.

Easiest. Just 3,300 power stations produce 95% of global power emissions. This makes power the simplest sector in which to track and reduce emissions. The technology to clean up the power sector is already proven and affordable.

Most important. Without clean power we cannot tackle climate change. Electric cars and electric heating are not clean unless powered by clean electricity.

For more information please contact us or read our campaign overview and draft legal text and our position statement.

You can also find out more about the global power sector and try your hand at negotiating a deal yourself by visiting:

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Campaign overview with draft legal text
Mexican Submission Pack
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