Sandbag is a not-for-profit campaign group dedicated to fighting climate change and promoting a low-carbon future.
We believe a big part of the answer lies in the cap and trade of greenhouse gas emissions and we campaign to make sure that existing and planned carbon markets live up to their potential. We shine a light on what's really going on, what's working well, and what needs to be improved. Through changes in these policies literally billions of tonnes can be prevented from entering the atmosphere - our analysis and lobbying of governments helps ensure this is what happens.
Join us in calling for tighter caps on emissions and/or take direct action to cancel carbon permits now.
Baroness Worthington's House of Lords maiden speech
Costing the Earth radio programme on Carbon Trading March 2011
What the Green Movement Got Wrong - Channel 4, Nov 2010
Sandbag in 60 seconds
Sandbag's lighthearted look at emissions trading via the medium of biscuits

Thanks to Greg Davies, Marek Larwood and James Branch for making this film.

Sandbag's Launch Event, September 16th 2008

Thanks to Mariko Montpetit for the making of this film.

Bryony Worthington speaking about Sandbag at geeKyoto
Channel 4 News report on Climate Camp and carbon trading, August 27th 2009
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