Sandbag is a UK based not-for-profit organisation campaigning for environmentally and economically effective climate policies, with a focus on the EU Emissions Trading System (ETS).
Our campaigns are supported by in-house research that monitors the environmental robustness of the ETS, the distribution of allowances, and how key sectors, installations and companies in the scheme are affected.
Through small changes in carbon markets, both in Europe and across the world, billions of tonnes of carbon dioxide can be prevented from entering the atmosphere; with our analysis and lobbying, we can make sure that’s what happens.
Join us in calling for tighter caps on emissions and/or take direct action to cancel carbon permits now.
About Sandbag

Sandbag was founded on this simple idea: Put your effort where it makes the biggest impact.

For all of us who see the exciting potential of a clean, renewable future and the corresponding threat of climate change 'meltdown', it can be frustrating that things aren't moving faster. We 'do our bit' but individuals' efforts don't add up to a clean energy revolution.

Not unless we can change the economy.

Put the true cost on the dirty options, and you get the world moving in the right direction.

The good news is that this change has already begun in Europe. A cap has been put on emissions, and each year, the cap tightens. Big polluters such as power companies and heavy industry now need permits if they want to keep polluting. The permits can be bought and sold, and there’s less issued every year, allowing innovators to make money whilst polluting dinosaurs face increasing costs. This Emissions Trading System has given CO2 a price.

The ingredients are there. But the System is failing to live up to its potential.

That's where Sandbag comes in. We shine a light on what is really going on in emissions trading and we push for improvements so that it delivers.

Together we can both lobby to ensure fewer permits are handed out, and we can buy up the permits already on the market, and destroy them.

Billions of tonnes of carbon emissions will or will not be pumped into the atmosphere based on the decisions of a few key politicians.Together we can let them know we're watching and with the right pressure at the right time make a really big difference.

That's what Sandbag and this site are all about - for more background information continue reading or check out the FAQs.

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